COIN – for premium events!

Everyone has a moment in his life that requires a special regard. There are dates that turn any successful business over, and there are flawless holidays. COIN created exactly for that!

The seating options, depending on number of guests:

Up to 35 people. Comfortable, secluded VIP-room with personal service. Full privacy and maximum privileges are available to you throughout the event. Perfect for private parties and important negotiations.

Up to 50 people. Green summer terrace. This quiet place is located on the slope of Botanical garden, in the shadow of thick crowns, far from bothersome crowd. Perfect for wedding ceremonies, birthdays and anniversaries. It is possible to perform a separate entertainment program or a concert.

From 200 to 400 people. The main hall of the restaurant with show kitchen, open sushi bar and the possibility to transform for any concept you choose. The place we arrange the first-magnitude stars, and organize concerts. Perfect for corporate events and big triumphs celebrating.

The number of locations provides for the possibility of making mixed events, where guests of different status will be present. COIN restaurant assure solutions when the company president and middle-level employee will feel most comfortable, and the necessary subordination fully observed. Are you planning an event? Call us and we will offer you the best option!